Professional Route Setting

Climbing routes are the main product of a climbing wall.

The success of your climbing wall is achieved through quality route setting.

Route setting is the process of placing holds on a wall in coloured sets. This creates a path for climbers to follow to the top. The goal of a climber is to reattempt a climb until they cleanly (without falling) reach the top. Graded according to ease or difficulty, routes give feedback to climbers on their progression. Climbers are mentally engaged and physically challenged on routes that are well set. Consequently a professionally set wall delivers maximum use as climbers return to complete unfinished and new problems.

An intuitive and creative process, route setting should be completed by a professional team. Our setting team has invaluable experience in climbing, gym route setting, competition setting and are state level accredited competition setters with Sports Climbing Australia (SCA).

What sets us apart is the unique experience of our team. Summit Climbing Walls deliver a quality product for every wall from a home climbing gym to a custom built climbing gym.

Our professional setting team understands how to create challenging climbs for all levels of users. We will create a sequence of climbs to allow for:
  • Natural flow and ergonomic movement
  • Target grades
  • Enjoyable, challenging routes at every grade
  • Routes that incorporate specific climbing skills and techniques;

• Body position and sequencing
• Efficient footwork and weight transfer
• Initiation of movement

Climbers are most engaged on fresh problems set to challenge them. Therefore, we recommend at least one fresh reset per year dependant on wall use. We stock a great range of climbing holds. For example, jugs, crimps, pinches, slopers, rails and footers. Most importantly we stock holds for budget and longevity.

The success of your climbing wall is achieved through quality route setting to engage and challenge your climbers.

climbing wall route setting
climbing wall route setting
climbing route setting perth

Does your wall need assessing for safety?

Summit Climbing Walls are leaders in both rectification of climbing walls and maintenance and reporting against Australian Standards.