Holds & Volumes

Our range of brands provide a great solution for any application; from a home training walls to setting World Cup level competition routes.

Every rock climbing wall deserves great holds to go with it. That is why we have a dedicated branch to handle all your climbing holds needs with Summit Climbing Holds.

Our experienced team can help you with selection for any appliation and even complete the route setting for you as well. Climbing holds are the way people will interact with your climbing wall and getting the right mix is vital to maximising the utilisation and engagement with your climbing wall.

Take the guess work out of your hold selection and let us help you pick the right holds to achieve the needs of your climbing application.

All climbing walls have different requirements and that’s why we have built relationships with some of the best brands around the world to ensure the right product is used for every application. Some common applications we tailor hold selections for;

  • School climbing walls
  • Permanent outdoor installations
  • Playground climbing components
  • Commercial climbing centres
  • Defence Force training walls
  • Home training walls
  • Recreation centres

Every climbing wall deserves great holds.