What drives us

Summit Climbing Walls is a boutique company. Our specialist team is dedicated to delivering clients the best climbing wall solutions.

Our team consists of climbers, technical experts and construction specialists who love sharing our passion for climbing. At Summit Climbing Walls, we believe the only way for climbers to have the best experience on a climbing wall is with a well designed surface. In addition, the wall must feature climbing routes set to challenge and engage climbers. This is not a task we take lightly.

When you work with our team you can be assured we are working to the highest standards for quality and design. Our civil engineer (structural design) certifies all designs and construction completed under a building license with relevant insurances.

We have a total of 40 years experience as climbers and 20 years in fabrication, material design and project management. However our experience extends beyond design and construction. Firstly we are gym operators with years of first hand experience in running a successful climbing facility. As a result, our operational experience combined with climbing and industry knowledge influences the way we design.

Our goal for all Summit Climbing Walls clients is to deliver superior climbing solutions that maximise diverse revenue streams. Similarly we want you to succeed in markets that deliver return for your investment. Working with us will ensure your climbing wall is a success.

We invest in product research and development

Our Summit Climbing Walls design team has developed two revolutionary products that allow creativity for free flowing design and deliver superior climbing wall solutions.

The AdStrut System and Modular Design Climbing Walls are designed to replace bulky and costly steel frames of traditional construction methods. Each design connects seamlessly to existing structures resulting in construction completed faster without compromise on quality.

Both methods deliver completion times that are faster and require less materials and skilled labour on site.

The AdStrut System uses an adjustable strut and bracket system to connect the climbing surface to the supporting structure. This method enables our design team to create free flowing designs that connect seamlessly with the supporting structure.

Our Modular Design Climbing Walls take a simple and efficient approach to design and construction. Utilising the climbing surface to form part of the structural integrity of the wall it delivers a superior climbing solution.

Safety is a priority for everything we do

All Summit Climbing Walls products and services are carried out to meet the Australian Standards.

This includes materials, equipment and parts which are designed, manufactured and tested to Australian Standards AS 2316.1-2009 for Artificial Climbing Walls and Challenge Courses, in addition to referenced building codes and standards.

Construction and rectification of your climbing wall is completed with engineer certification.  We can also assist with ongoing maintenance requirements for your climbing wall.

The Australian Standards are designed to maximise the health and safety of participants and operators. All Summit Climbing Walls designs meet these requirements while also focusing on end user satisfaction and wall utilisation.