Floor Mats

We use certified landing mats and material for all climbing wall installations.

Landing mats form a crucial component of the fall and impact attenuation system for climbing walls. Summit Climbing Walls has a range of certified landing mats and materials available to our clients.

Strict fall impact ratings are specified in AS2316.1-2009. Head Injury Criteria (HIC) and gmax values must be proven for landing mats installed below a climbing wall. Mats installed below a belayed climbing wall (Top Rope or Sport Climbing wall) must achieve satisfactory HIC and gmax results to prevent serious injury from a 1.5m fall. Landing mats installed below a non-belayed climbing wall (Boulder Wall) must also achieve the same result but have the additional complexity of falls being significantly higher, 3 to 4m in most cases. These mats range in thicknesses up to 450mm and are made with softer foam to absorb the impact.

An important compliance factor for landing mats are that they do not create a hazard themselves. Trip and entrapment hazards are eliminated through a custom design that creates a precise shape and fit around the building structures and climbing or boulder wall.

Summit Climbing Walls landing mats use high quality EVA foam and heavy duty ripstop coverings with a variety of colours available. Heavy duty double stitching techniques are used to extend the working life of our covers and all covers use quality zippers to allow replacement of covers or foam. Top rope floor mats are manufactured in manageable sections to allow storage when not in use (critical for multi-use facilities) andwide hook and pile (Velcro) joining strips are used to secure the mats together.

Summit Climbing Walls also use  Softfall rubber flooring material below roped climbing walls. This is especially useful to external climbing walls and installations where the landing material can be permanent. A Softfall flooring is a smooth and seamless finish with edges ‘ramped down’ to meet the concrete slab.

Summit Climbing Walls only uses certified landing mats and material for all climbing wall installations.

We design, manufacture and construct engineer approved rock climbing walls and also provide maintenance, route setting and onsite instruction services.