Equipment Supply

The most cost effective auto belay unit on the market


TwinPoint Auto Belays


Exclusively distributing to the Asia Pacific market, the TwinPoint system offers many significant advantages over it’s competitors;

  • On site servicing
    • No down time or expensive shipping for maintenance and re-certification
  • Twin mounting points for built in anchor redundancy
    • Easily back-up your belay system with 2 independent fixing points
  • Suitable for children and adults
    • Operable between 10kg and 150kg
  • Webbing line for climbers is less damaging to climbing walls than wire alternatives
  • Suitable for climbing up to 16m

Adequate floor protection is essential for compliance to Australian Standards in all climbing disciplines

Vinyl mats


Moveable fall protection that is ideal for schools and multi use areas;

  • Vinyl mats are joined with velcro strips to protect fall zones
  • Easy to remove when not in use
  • Can be stored vertically against the climbing surface for padding on a court run off
  • Options available for roped climbing and bouldering
  • Custom made for your requirements including cut outs for top rope anchors
  • Compliant with Australian Standards
velcro landing mats

Carpet topped mats


Protect your fall zones and keep your facility cleaner with a custom made carpet top mat solution;

  • Carpet mats are easy to clean
  • Carpet traps loose chalk
    • Keeps your climbing wall cleaner by minimising transfer from climbing shoes
  • Options available for roped climbing and bouldering
  • Retrofit a new carpet cover over your existing vinyl mats
  • Dual density foam solution provides comfort and fall protection
  • Compliant with Australian Standards

We have developed a great network of suppliers to deliver any additional climbing equipment you need

Climbing Equipment


Summit Climbing Walls has extensive operational experience and can provide the necessary equipment for a range of activities, including but not limited to;

  • Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing
  • Adventure Training
  • High Ropes and Obstacle Courses
  • Working at Heights
  • Industrial Rope Access

If you’re not sure what equipment you need we can also review your existing equipment and procedures to recommend the right solution for you.