AdStrut System & Modular Design

We’ve designed two revolutionary products for climbing wall construction

Our design team developed two revolutionary products that provide creativity for free flowing design while delivering superior climbing wall solutions. The AdStrut System and Modular Design Climbing Walls connect seamlessly to existing structures. As a result, construction is completed faster without compromise on quality.

The AdStrut System

The AdStrut System uses an adjustable strut designed to replace the bulky and costly steel frames of traditional construction methods. In addition, it provides greater creativity for free flowing design. As a result, the designs we produce using Adstrut are visually appealing solutions for climbing walls. The adjustable length and connections of the struts allow for direct assembly between vertical structures and the climbing surface.

Modular Design

Modular Design climbing walls involve integration of the panels to the structure. The climbing panels form the ‘skin’ of the climbing wall and part of the structural design. As a result, overall costs are reduced by minimising materials and administration costs.

The development of these products creates significant cost savings by reducing administration expenses during the design phase. Subsequently, the design minimises quantities of materials and reduced dependence on traditional trades on site. These developments enable us to meet our client’s objectives within budget. All design and construction is the highest quality and above all meets the Australian Standards for Climbing Walls.

Climbing surfaces are finished in fibreglass or plywood material for either internal or external climbing walls.  We recommend the best application for your climbing solution. Find out how we are leading the way in design and certification of climbing walls.

adstrut climbing wall design