Rock Climbing Walls

We are leading the way in design & construction of rock climbing walls

We are a team of climbers, technical experts and design & construction specialists who love sharing our passion for climbing. Our goal is to create rock climbing walls for the best ongoing user experience. To achieve this, we deliver climbing solutions that are designed & constructed to challenge and engage climbers. Most importantly we create wall that climbers want to climb. This is not a task we take lightly.

Combining climbing experience with operational and industry experience, our team will design and construct a solution to maximise diversity of revenue streams in markets that will deliver return on your investment.

Our design team has many years of indoor and outdoor climbing experience. Therefore we produce designs and solutions for climbing surfaces that are engaging and challenging to all level of users. Similarly, we create visually appealing climbing walls with sculpture like qualities that are inspirational for route setting. As a result, our walls keep climbers engaged and wanting to come back for more.

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We work with you to create the best climbing solution

Building a first class climbing product requires concise and collaborative consultation.  Therefore, our Design Team works with you from day one to identify your climbing requirements, installation space and desired aesthetic for your rock climbing wall.

You will be supplied with a 3D model of the proposed climbing wall design as part of the design phase.  As a result, clients receive excellent visualisation and feedback during the design process. In addition, the model assists in budgeting estimates for construction of your project.

The 3D model provides the shell from which the engineered structure is designed. Subsequently the model moves to engineer testing, certification and finally manufacturing and construction of your rock climbing wall.  We deliver standalone climbing walls or complete turn-key solutions that include route setting, climbing holds, ropes, floor mats, climbing gear and safety equipment.

Summit Climbing Walls works to the highest standards for design and construction on every project. For example, our work with Parry and Rosenthal Architects was part of their award winning gymnasium at Irene McCormack College. Parry and Rosenthal Architects were awarded the 2017 AIA Architectural Award for Educational Facilities.

Our products & services are completed to Australian Standards with engineer certification

When you work with us, we will deliver an engineer certified climbing wall completed in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 2316.1-2009 in addition to associated standards and building codes.

All materials, equipment and parts are designed, manufactured and tested to Australian Standards AS 2316.1-2009 for Artificial Climbing Walls and Challenge Courses, referenced building codes and standards. Similarly, our climbing wall construction and rectification comes with engineer certification and we can assist with ongoing maintenance requirements.

The Australian Standards were designed to maximise the health and safety of participants and operators. Our designs meet these requirements while focusing on end user satisfaction and wall utilisation.

We work with a range of materials to deliver a design that is the best solution for your project. For instance either plywood or fibreglass panels are recommended as the best option for your climbing surface.

For the structure, our design team developed two revolutionary products that provide creativity for free flowing design. In addition these systems deliver superior climbing wall solutions that deliver on budget. The AdStrut System and Modular Design Climbing Walls connect seamlessly to existing structures. Most importantly construction is completed faster without compromise on quality.

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Our professional route setting services help you get the most from your wall

Route setting is imperative to the success of a climbing wall. Therefore, quality design, construction and route setting provides the highest wall utilisation. Climbers are most engaged on fresh problems that have natural flow and ergonomic movement. In addition, routes set to grades also allow feedback on progression and goal achievement.

Route setting is an intuitive and creative process that should be completed by an experienced team of setters. The success of your climbing wall is achieved through quality route setting to challenge and engage your climbers. Above all, professional route setting will ensure maximum use of your climbing wall whether new or old.

Our route setting team have invaluable experience in climbing, gym route setting, competition setting and are state level accredited competition setters with Sports Climbing Australia (SCA). As a result they create quality climbing routes that include:

  • Natural flow and ergonomic movement
  • Routes set to target grades
  • Enjoyable, challenging routes at every grade
  • Routes that incorporate specific climbing skills and technique
    • Body position and sequencing
    • Efficient footwork and weight transfer
    • Initiation of movement

Climbing wall inspection and maintenance services

Structural maintenance and reporting is required annually for climbing walls and equipment must be tested quarterly. This requirement is to meet Australian Standards and ensure the safety of climbers using your facility. If your wall and equipment are currently assessed by Rope Access certifiers, this is the incorrect application of standards for climbing walls. Therefore your climbers and your business could be at risk.

Summit Climbing Walls provides full maintenance and reporting services for climbing walls in compliance with Australian Standards. A comprehensive testing report is provided on completion of each inspection.  In addition, the report provides details on any maintenance required in order to keep your climbing wall compliant and safe. Our skilled team can implement this maintenance for your climbing wall or equipment if required.

Summit Climbing Walls supply inspection and safety reports completed in accordance with Australian Standards AS 2316.1-2009 as applicable for Artificial Climbing Walls.  For example, our reports consist of but are not limited to:

  • Structural frame
  • Access ladder and Safety Rails
  • All climbing equipment and components
  • Full testing report provided

For more details please give us a call or visit the Maintenance and Reporting page on our website.

We design, manufacture and construct engineer approved rock climbing walls and also provide maintenance, route setting and onsite instruction services. 

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