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Is your climbing wall Australian Standards compliant?

Does your climbing wall meet Australian Standards? Is your equipment assessed against the correct standards for Artificial Climbing Walls? Are your climbers or business at risk?

Having your climbing wall certified to the Australian Standards ensures that your wall and equipment is safe for participants and employees.

Climbing walls, more often than not, have been designed and constructed prior to the introduction of standards AS 2316.1-2009 for Artificial Climbing Walls & Challenge Courses and require some rectification to bring them up to standard and safe operation.


A two-stage approach is applied to the rectification of existing climbing walls:

STAGE 1 | Analysis & Findings in accordance with AS 2316.1-2009, relevant standards & associated building codes:

  • Detailed inspection & analysis
  • 3D modelling of climbing wall, supporting structure & connections
  • Engineering, calculation & analysis of relevant standards
  • Fall zone & impact attenuation evaluation
  • Relevant equipment verification
  • Comprehensive report on compliance/non-compliance of standards
  • Determination to rectify or condemn based on cost benefit analysis 
  • Propose required rectification to meet compliance according to AS 2316.1-2009 inclusive of cost breakdown and material list

 STAGE 2 | Rectification and Certification in accordance with AS 2316.1-2009:

  • Required rectification work carried out as per findings from Stage 1
  • Supply of relevant safety documentation
  • Final Engineer modelling, calculations & verification of completed works
  • Certification for Artificial Climbing Wall & Challenge Course to AS 2316.1-2009

If you are currently having your equipment certified by a Rope Access certifier, it is with application to the incorrect standards and your climbers could be at risk and your insurance void.  We can advise you what to do next and how to bring your climbing wall up to standard.

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Ensure the safety of your climbers by making your climbing wall compliant with Australian Standards.

Is your climbing wall engineer approved and certified?

The Australian Standards AS 2316 .1-2009 for Artificial Climbing Walls and Challenge Courses lays out a specific maintenance and reporting schedule as follows:

Structural inspection and report – Annually
Equipment inspection and report – Quarterly

Summit Climbing Walls maintenance schedule and documentation provides quality assurance for structures and equipment, reducing your exposure to risk and liability.

Summit Climbing Walls specialises in the design, construction, rectification and certification of climbing walls in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 2316. 1-2009 for Artificial Climbing Walls and Challenge Course.

The standards for Artificial Climbing Walls were introduced in 2009 in Australia to create a required standard for design, construction and engineering of climbing walls.  In addition they prescribe maintenance and reporting schedules to prioritise safety of use.  Prior to 2009 climbing walls were built and designed by anyone who could wield a tool or welder and often lacked consideration for the engineering and load calculations involved.  In fact some walls have even been built since the 2009 changes without recognition or knowledge of the standards.

What does this mean?

Climbing walls are registered as an amusement ride under Work Safe and there is high level of duty of care for climbing wall facilities. It has been Summit Climbing Walls experience that walls built prior to and after 2009 do not meet the Australian Standards and climbers are at risk.  Most climbing walls can however be rectified to meet the Australian Standards and maintenance schedules implemented to ensure users and owners are safe and insurances apply.

Summit Climbing Walls maintenance schedule and documentation provides quality assurance for structures and equipment, reducing your exposure to risk and liability.

If you are unsure of your obligation or would like us to assist in you with your structural and equipment inspections, then give us a call on 9248 7035 or click ‘Book Now’.

We design, manufacture and construct engineer approved rock climbing walls and also provide maintenance, route setting and onsite instruction services.