AdStrut Wall System

We’ve designed a revolutionary product for climbing wall construction

Our design team has developed a revolutionary product to enable faster construction of climbing walls. Our climbing walls are also safer and lighter than before.

The AdStrut System uses an adjustable strut designed to replace the bulky and costly steel frames of traditional construction methods. The AdStrut System also provides creativity for free flowing design and more importantly a visually appealing and also effective climbing wall solution. The adjustable length and connections of the struts allow for direct assembly between vertical uprights and the climbing surface.

The AdStrut System replaces the traditional steel frame previously used for climbing wall construction. This also reduces the quantity of steel required and removes the need for skilled labour on site.  As a result, we can give you a turn key hand over for a fraction of the price. All design and construction is the highest quality and above all meets the Australian Standards for Climbing Walls.

Climbing surfaces, for either internal or external climbing walls, can be finished in fibreglass or plywood material.  Find out how we are leading the way in design and certification of climbing walls.